learn when it counts

“We have seen tremendous growth, in terms of our daughter’s independence, her language and her interest in the world around her.” – Mother of Anaïs, Age 18 months
Playgarden Prep students thrive in carefully prepared classrooms designed to encourage independence. Children will be introduced to separation, daily routine and classroom environment. Our program employs the Montessori method to instill focus during individual work, and a more traditional method to build experience in group lessons. We strive to ready students for future success in a variety of educational settings. Potty training is practiced all year and is a vital component in preparing little ones for preschool.


  • Sensory table activities explore sand, rocks, water, soil and other textural elements
  • Introduction to the scientific method, color mixing, seed to plant and basic experiments


  • Focus on number recognition, counting and early addition
  • Introduces shapes, patterns and geometry to develop spatial awareness


  • Introduction to phonics, capital and lowercase letters and pre-reading
  • Introduction to basic Spanish words


  • Projects introduce a variety of mediums, styles and artists
  • Introduction to holding a stylus, stamping, clay, gluing and paint


  • Focus on a new genre of music and introduces a new instrument each month


  • Physical education includes yoga, dance, obstacle courses and basic sports fundamentals


  • Weekly food tastings and vegan baking projects
  • Introduction to mindful eating, setting the table, food preparation, and food groups


  • Lessons using the Montessori method and materials
  • Playgarden Prep teachers trained by the Center of Montessori Education