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“Our eldest daughter ran into Prep on her first day, aged two, and never looked back. Playgarden really knows what they’re doing when it comes to welcoming and gently guiding kids into the world of education. The idea of teaching cooking, science and sports to my two year old seemed something of a reach at the time, but it really has instilled in her a love for all three. And I will be forever grateful for them taking on the potty training challenge; she also came out of the program diaper free!

“Playgarden Prep was such an enriching and fun educational experience for our 2 year old daughter. The program was the right amount of free play to socialize and more structured learning, with lesson plans that showed an enormous amount of thought and attention into how children learn through listening, touching and participating. All of the teachers and staff were so amazing, bringing a passion for learning. Most importantly, Playgarden felt like family. We are forever grateful for the friends Francesca made in her class, the parents we met, and the entire Playgarden team.”

“My daughter attended Playgarden Prep program this past year. We are thrilled to be part of such a warm, friendly and knowledgeable community. We have seen tremendous growth, in terms of our daughter’s independence, her language and her interest in the world around her. The activities at school, whether creating a lava lamp or learning how to make lentil soup for letter L week, are always hands-on and original. Her teachers are caring, nurturing and experienced. Our daughter delights in going to school, as she is exposed to a variety of music, physical activities, and academics. We could not be happier and are fortunate to be part of such a program where she is clearly thriving.”

“I have nothing but incredible things to say about Playgarden, and any family would be so lucky to have their children at the school. My older son attended when he was two, and even now that he’s four, he still chats about his memories there, looks through pictures from that time, and knows the names of his classmates. It’s a special, special place, and my younger son is currently enrolled there. My husband and I call it “toddler heaven,” because when he trots in every morning there are five warm, smiling teachers to welcome him. I leave drop off every day in a great spirit, and we have seen so many developmental achievements since he has been enrolled–talking so much more, walking now, knowing gestures to songs, learning independence, etc. It’s a safe, happy place that makes learning and socializing FUN, and I can’t say enough great things about the program!”

“We couldn’t possibly be happier with our twins’ first experience of school at Playgarden’s preschool prep program. They have developed so much since starting the program in September, leaps and bounds really. From their language and social skills to fine motor skills to the ability to sit and work on a project for more than 33 seconds … to their emotional intelligence … I truly cannot imagine a warmer or more nurturing environment for my children to learn and thrive in. They are so lucky to have such wonderful loving attentive teachers all around them. Not only do they enjoy school and their classmate friends, they talk about them and miss them on weekends!”

“We moved from London to NYC when our little one was 17 months old. We had no idea what we were doing in this new city, especially as first time parents. After doing research and talking to other parents, we discovered the amazingness of Playgarden. When he started, he had never been left anywhere other than at home with a babysitter. By the end of his 2nd week, he was running off giggling, without even a glance back. He’s currently in his second year at Prep, and I cannot even describe how much he loves his teachers, friends, and school. He has learned so much, from his ABCs to sharing to manners. Some people aren’t sure if children this young need school, but we have been amazed by his development and learning. It has helped him be more confident away from us, which is so important because of course we can’t be with him at all times. He knows there are other people around who will look after him and help him, that he has a family and community outside the home. We have been blown away by how great it has been. We wish Playgarden would become a full on school so we can stay longer!”

“Sending our 2-year old daughter to Playgarden Prep has been one of the best decisions we have made for her. She loves going to school every morning, and she can’t stop taking about her teachers and fellow classmates. Her teachers are highly trained professionals; they are patient, kind, intelligent and stimulating. Moreover, they pay close attention to her and we feel extremely comfortable leaving her in their care. The facilities are super clean, and she has exposure to sports, science, cooking, art, music and interactive play that she wouldn’t have otherwise had if she were at home with me. Since going to Playgarden Prep, she is more confident, self-sufficient, polite, comfortable around adults and other children, she communicates better, she’s potty trained (!!) and she comes home with dozens of adorable songs, paintings and rhymes to share with us. We couldn’t be happier – thank you Playgarden Prep!”

“Our daughter, Serena, attended Playgarden Prep’s 2’s program. This is really the happiest place on earth! The program is so warm and nurturing. We looked forward to all of the input they gave to us on a weekly basis about Serena and what she was experiencing. It is a very special program and we can’t wait for our youngest daughter to start this September!”

“Playgarden has been such a blessing for my daughter. She is excited to go to school daily and I have seen so much growth in her since September. What I love most about the school is how nurturing the teachers are and how fun they make the lessons. They are always readily available to chat about your child’s progress and offer their insights. I would recommend the program to every parent!

When my older son was approaching 2, I wasn’t quite ready to embark on the preschool process, but wanted him to enroll in a stimulating and fun early education program. Playgarden Prep far exceeded my expectations, and ended up being such an incredible place for him to meet friends and learn letters, numbers, and socialization. Both of my children attended prior to preschool, and still ask for Miss Amanda today!”

I could not have picked a better more loving environment for our daughter’s first year at school. I was blown away at the level of attention each child gets and the thoughtfulness that goes into developing the curriculum. Our daughter has learned more than I could have possibly imagined in just one year, and what makes it even more perfect is that Bridger wakes up every morning so excited to go to school! I would do it all over again a million times!”

“My son started at Playgarden in September and we absolutely love the nursery school program. The teachers are so warm and loving and wonderful with the children. Our son comes home learning new words and letters of the alphabet every day of the week. He is so excited to share his knowledge with us. They are excellent at communication with the parents and we could not be happier!”