Getting Children Used to Change

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Children often thrive and grow accustomed to routine and familiarity. Unfortunately, with the arrival of COVID-19, many of our routines have been uprooted and changed. At Playgarden Prep, we too have been forced to alter some policies to ensure children, families, and staff are as safe as possible including; daily health screenings, temperature checks, handwashing, and new child drop off and pick processes. Be sure that you are aware of all changes both to our preschool locations, for example, such things as class sizes and what your child may be able to bring with them to school, etc. These new policies will likely take both you and your child some time to fully adapt.

Explain Changes Ahead of Time

Explaining some of these changes and why they are happening can help your child be more prepared for them. Children are surprisingly receptive and absorb information quickly.

Saying Goodbye

Prior to this pandemic, many preschools may have allowed multiple family members or caregivers in schools. Now, due to capacity mandates, that will no longer be possible. Familiarize yourself with the drop off routine and discuss this with your child. Try establishing a consistent routine from day one. Having a drop off routine is something that all children need and find very reassuring.

Reading books about goodbyes and first separation is a great way for your child to see and anticipate what is going to happen.

Practice Makes Perfect

Try practicing new routines and school policies with your child ahead of time.

This could be things like mask-wearing, proper social distancing, and even the right way to wash your hands. Normalizing these practices will only help these new changes.

Not Everything Will Change

While we know these times have many changes, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that some things will be the same. Focusing on these things can help with other transitions. Favorite classrooms, materials, snacks will be here, as well as being able to see their friends and beloved teachers. Be sure to “hype” up these sorts of things whenever you can.

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In Response to COVID-19
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