Tribeca- PlaygardenPrep - SPORT FLOOR


This is where the children have their gym and PE floor. Here we focus on gross motor free play, setting up various obstacle courses and sports equipment all designed to challenge and advance large motor function.

Tribeca- PlaygardenPrep - GROUP LESSON ROOM


This is where our program focuses on our traditional and core curriculum lessons, in the form of vocabulary, language & literacy, focused science experiments, focused art projects, and simple math concepts. Children sit around the table and are led through a lesson by the teacher.

Tribeca- PlaygardenPrep - ENRICHMENT ROOM


This is our enrichment classroom, and it serves as two different parts of our curriculum; it is set up as a music and movement classroom half of the week. During these lessons children focus on learning new instruments as well as custom Playgarden Prep songs and even some fun puppet shows in our puppet theater. During this time we will also work on more guided gross motor development such as; throwing, catching, balancing, etc. For the other half of the week, this classroom is set up as a Reggio inspired art and sensory atelier. Students will be presented with various art and sensory mediums for their use in a free expression setting. Materials will rotate depending on learning themes in other classrooms.



In this classroom, there are two different functions and focus for the students. First, we have our snack and nutrition area. Students learn to set up, eat, and clean up snacks in a Montessori style. Each child has a snack bin containing a placemat, plate, cup, and utensils. Children are served snacks by teachers and other students, whilst working on proper meal etiquette and manners. We also participate in various nutrition lessons each week, including new food tastings, baking and cooking projects, and healthy plate initiatives. Once children are done with snack and nutrition, they are free to move into the fine motor independent area. This classroom focuses on fostering independence and small eye/hand function. Our materials are carefully placed into the environment and are swapped out based on changing development over the year. Little ones are taught to respect their materials and the environment in this Montessori style of play.

Tribeca- PlaygardenPrep - BATHROOM


We incorporate potty training into our everyday lessons and we do not require children to be potty trained upon enrollment. We treat potty training as another lesson, and independent in style. We do not change children’s diapers lying down, but instead, standing up. This includes them in the process and makes them feel more independent. Children may help hold a new diaper, or pass the wipes to help out. We always sit children directly onto the potty to see what may happen, and then reinforce for appropriate behaviors. Regardless of whether a child goes or not, we have them wash their hands as an ending to the potty process!