It’s Never Too Early to Start Researching Preschool Education for Your Child

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“When should I start researching preschools and contacting their administrators?” It’s one of the most common questions parents ask us, especially new parents looking ahead to their child’s future.  The truth is, it’s never too early to start doing research! In general, we recommend that you begin at least 18 months prior to desired enrollment. In this article, we’ll briefly cover the basic preschool admissions process in NYC and why you want to begin preparing ahead of time.

How Are Children Chosen for Preschool Programs?

In general, NYC preschool classes are filled up long before the classes themselves actually begin.  The rule of thumb is that you want to begin the admission process at least a full year ahead of time. So, if your child will be starting preschool in Fall 2022, you’ll want to contact schools to arrange for tours in the Fall of 2021.

Most preschools in the area typically offer tours and consultations for parents in the Fall, but there are exceptions to this. If you are dedicated to one school in particular, you would want to contact them the prior Spring- roughly 18 months ahead of time. Expressing interest early and being informed of status, deadlines, and process is all important for securing a space.

Regardless of whether you have a specific school in mind, Spring is still an ideal time to start doing research. This gives you several months to look into local preschools, talk to other parents, and think about the opportunities and programs being presented. This way you’ll have a solid list of prospects to pursue once enrollment periods open.

Another common concern for new parents involves the age of the student. Most NYC preschools will accept children as young as two years old. Of course this means you’ll be thinking about preschool when they’re only a few months old- what if they reach 2yo and you decide they aren’t ready for school yet?  In general, “better safe than sorry” is the rule of thumb here.  Make preparations assuming they’ll start preschool when they’re two but be willing to change your mind based on their development.

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