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How does it work?

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We make it easy to learn through creative play with our multi-faceted toy!
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Our Playgarden teachers have prepared the most engaging story prompts to inspire little ones to Play BUY NOW

We also help with everyday's challenges


Showing Empathy

Dealing with conflict

Working Independently

and learning new skills

What are Emotions

Understanding Social Cues

Forms of Communication

Different Feelings and Reactions

Emotion Regulation


What else?

We help little ones manage their BIG emotions - from dealing with frustration to understanding how to be kind.
We help them build confidence, solve problems, and become resilient during group and independent play.
We make it easy for you and your little one to play and tell stories together!


Interested in supporting your child's well-being?


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Happy Kids = Happy Parents

Playnovo is a partnership between disruptors of the Toy and Early Childhood Education industries

Why Playgarden?

  • Education is key to long-term health and wellness – we are experts in early education.
  • We provide age appropriate, culturally sensitive approaches to well-being that work, anywhere and anytime!
  • Our curriculum is tested and proven through teaching thousands of little ones at our NYC preschools for 15 years.

Why ToyNovo?

  • The brain develops empathy when we connect to one another and build trust.
  • When children play together they use their imaginations and grow as learners.
  • Toynovo is a circular economy toy company, B certified.
  • We are a top Innovator of the World Economic Forum´s Uplink initiative, centered on human development.
  • Play is more about quality relationships than about materials, so we spent 3 years of R&D developing Playnovo’s storytelling toy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I get a Playnovo now?

Join the waitlist now, and we'll ship it to you as soon as we receive our Children's Product Certificate from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

2. Is there a specific age range for Playnovo?

Playnovo works best for children ages 3-8, but it has been proven and enjoyed by older children and their parents too!

3. Is it a subscription?

Yes, but you can cancel any time. Better yet,we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you don't like it, just send it back and we'll refund every penny.

4. Can a child play by themselves?

Absolutely! Once they get to try it, they'll come back to play all the time. We suggest keeping it on hand and prompting your little one with a challenge or a story anytime they express interest in playing.

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A forum for parents to ask questions and share advice. A page for events and news.

Teacher Tips


Useful advice,suggestions and more, from our experts on toddlers and preschoolers, compiled from hundreds of Parent Teacher conferences over the years.

Do It Yourself


Create and imagine with our custom hands-on DIY projects, each with different developmental skills that your child can work on while having fun! Our DIY materials are carefully designed by educators to inspire a lifelong love of learning, while being easy, inexpensive and fun to do!

Social Emotional Play

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With Playnovo our goal is to give parents the tools to grow healthy, happy children. Helping little ones understand and manage their motions, feel and show empathy for others, demonstrate kindness, and build resilience are critical skills that will help their overall development and learning. Our platform inspires families to play and tell stories together by combining hands-on materials with easy to follow storytelling prompts. Additionally, we offer book readings and songs to provide a variety of experiences and learning materials for your child. Playnovo offers a complete wellbeing program for little ones 2-5 years old!

Kids Corner

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A space just for kids! The KidsCorner is a safe space where learning is paired with silly, hilarious educational videos. Little ones can learn with their favorite Playgarden Prep teachers in a fun and engaging way. Kids love that they are in charge (and “sneaking in” extra screen time), and parents love that it’s a safe, captivating environment where kids can have fun learning!

Learning Kits


AHands-on learning is important for early development! Our Learning Kits provide custom curated educational toys and materials delivered directly to your home. Projects are easy for grown ups to make and hard for kids to put down, while our custom songs provide an extra layer of learning. Toddlers work on skills such as counting, sorting, matching, fine motor skills, language, and emotional literacy—All while having fun!

Play & learn


A space to complement learning at school or daycare—Full of art projects, educational worksheets, and hands-on lessons taught by our Certified teachers. Here you will find weekly content for 2-3 days of learning in subjects like science, math, language, and other key skills. Plus, experience fun live classes to do together on the weekends! Take our Music, Hip-Hop, Yoga, and Cooking classes as a family.

Online Preschool


We are proud to have offered elite private school learning opportunities for over 14 years in Manhattan and now around the world!

Our innovative early education curriculum provides children 2-5 years with confidence in the classroom, foundational skills and whole-child development. Our expert certified teachers inspire young students to learn in classrooms, Zoom classes and through custom video lessons. LEARN with us ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

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